Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

@SonjaFoust Book catalogs/bibliography managers are an obvious match for handheld devices, but rarely have mobile versions. It’s a mystery. in reply to SonjaFoust # @ritubpant I am one busy, oversubscribed beaver! I need lifehacks for my lifehacks! in reply to ritubpant # OK, enough fun – time to go teach stuff to people about things! […] [Continue reading]

Finally Publishing Comments

I just noticed a bunch of quite old comments — like, 10 weeks old and older — that had gotten stuck in the moderation queue. If you’ve ever commented here and didn’t see your comment come up, I apologize; I hadn’t understood how Akismet’s spam filter worked in Drupal (I’ve only used it in WordPress before). If that sentence is sheer gobbledygook to you, let’s just say “I screwed up” and leave it at that. [Continue reading]