Academic Portfolio


Drawn in the Dust, UNLV Barrick Museum, Oct 22 – Dec 10, 2010.

Exhibition of work by Las Vegas comic book artists.

Frida Kahlo’s Mexicanidad, UNLV Barrick Museum, Oct 27 – Dec 18, 2010.

Selection of pre-Hispanic and modern materials to accompany the Mexican Consulate-curated exhibition “Viva Frida!”


Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Teaching has finally taught me the meaning of E.M. Forster’s cryptic admonishment to “Only connect”. Connect ideas and descriptions to students’ lives; connect students’ lives one to the other; connect the experiences within my classroom’s walls to the world outside them.

Curriculum Vita

An overview of my academic career: education, teaching history, research, publications, academic presentations, and areas of study.

Courses Taught

Catalog descriptions, course descriptions, and course objectives for classes I have taught or prepared.

Sample Syllabi

Samples of syllabi I have created for my various courses (PDF downloads):

Student Evaluations

  • Scans of evaluations from a recent semester of “Gender, Race, and Class” (All page fronts, then all page backs; first page is overview, all scores out of 4)
  • Reviews of my courses from
    • UNLV (23 ratings, 3.2 overall)
    • CSN (21 ratings, overall 4.2/5)