Free E-Books at Wordpreneur

Wordpreneur, an excellent site about the business of writing and blogging, is offering three free e-books in exchange for links to their site from other writers. I’ve been reading and enjoying Wordpreneur for a while now, and it’s a pleasure to send a little link live their way. If you’re a writer — even if you haven’t gotten around to the “writing for pay” stage yet — Wordpreneur is definitely worth taking a look. [Continue reading]

Scholarship Opportunity

If you’re a college student and a blogger, is offering a $10,000 scholarship you might want to apply for. $10,000! Why didn’t we have blogging when I was in college…? [Continue reading]

Recently on

I fell behind in doing these week posts, because I went out of town over a weekend and came back busy as heck!  So, here’s what I’ve posted at over the weeks I missed:

How to Give Instructions offers advice on, well, giving instructions. [Continue reading]

Much in the Works

I’ve been busy as heck this month preparing for the Fall semester (I’m teaching two classes and co-teaching another, all in Women’s Studies), so I haven’t been posting much.  I did manage to make time for a short vacation with my family, and have some great pictures to post here once I get them all off my camera and web-ready.  I’m also working on a guest writing slot at a blog I respect greatly — more news on that as it breaks.  I still need to compile my posts — I fell behind in that and it’s a habit I don’t want to break.  More soon…

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I Signed Up for PayPerPost

In my ongoing experimentation with online advertising and paid writing services, I signed up for payperpost to see how it works. As with other sponsored posts here, any post written at payperpost‘s request will be clearly marked as such — in fact, it’s a payperpost requirement! [Continue reading]

This Week on

This weekend marks the end of my second week at, and what a week! Here’s what I posted this week:

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I’ve just submitted my first Search Engine Result Page (SERP) at Mahalo, Jason Calacanis’ new “hand-written” search engine. The topic is “David Weinberger”, whose work I’ve been following for years. (You have to have one reviewed before you can take on a wider range of topics at the same time.) [Continue reading]

This Week on

I put two posts up at this week; there’s a third in the pipe which I assume will be posted tomorrow. The goal is to post three times a week, but we’re having some small difficulties coordinating that since the editor, Leon, lives in Australia which is actually in the future, while I can only post in the present. Damn International Date Line! The posts this week were: [Continue reading]

A New Gig

Starting next week, I will be blogging at on topics related to productivity, organization, learning, and generally living the Good Life. I’ll still maintain this site for more general musings and updates. I’m very excited about this opportunity and am looking forward to dealing with some of the topics I’ve dealt with here in a more general way. Check it out! [Continue reading]


Over the next few weeks, if I’m approved, I’ll be experimenting with a new-ish service (new to me, anyway) called Blogsvertise. Here’s how it works: Blogsvertise gets paid to promote some product or service. Blogsvertise selects appropriate blogs to write about the product or service. I write a post in which I mention the product or service a certain number of times, with the link provided. I am under no obligation to endorse the product or service, simply to mention them and provide a link. I get paid a little something, which is good. [Continue reading]