Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

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  • @BrandyBell Not at all — it was a blast. Maybe next time we’ll have a conversation where we can actually hear each other. in reply to BrandyBell #
  • The coolest part? Kevin Smith flies SW! RT @johnnykats: Kevin Smith thrown off plane for being ‘too big for seat’ #
  • Office 2010 will have a $99 version of it’s Pro pkg for students and educators, different from Home and Student #
  • The White Deer of Wisconsin’s forests — amazingly beautiful animals! (6min video) #
  • The legendary Tactile Pro keyboard — with individual switches for each key — returns. Loud like the Past. I want one! #
  • Grant-writing workshop at my uni is $600. How could a poor adjunct like me raise $600… #
  • @ojmason Fair enough, but no grant proposals = no grants, which can rather limit your research. Not the best system, but it’s the system. in reply to ojmason #
  • Fascinating, horrifying insider’s look at US Army’s Human Terrain program #
  • @ojmason In academic terms, maybe, but not economic terms. Where would funding come from for massive longitudinal studies? Millions of $$ in reply to ojmason #
  • I’m not sure how I am getting retweeted for a test of “eight intelligences”, since it’s not something I’m likely to care about. #
  • Just drove 20 mins to the community college for my night class. Then remebered school is closed today for President’s Day. #
  • @AgingBackwards @CynSieWil @lasvegasloopy I dress up for class, so now I’m literally all dressed up w/ nowhere to go! in reply to AgingBackwards #
  • @Sara_Mooney It slouches out of shame, right? in reply to Sara_Mooney #
  • @iheartbeans Tragedy is when you slip on the ice and twist your ankle. Comedy is when someone else slips on the ice and breaks their back. in reply to iheartbeans #
  • @Sara_Mooney The black-and-white image as opposed to the grayscale one. That’s why it’s smaller, right? in reply to Sara_Mooney #
  • Reporter-types out there (and up late): do you follow your sources on Twitter/LinkedIn/etc.? What about PR folks who connect you w/ sources. #
  • Seems there are no tools for the kind of contact mgmt I need. 3 kinds of contacts: sources, their PR agents, editors. Tagged w/ expertise. #
  • @alanna_shaikh I wonder which comes first – they follow you and see you’d be a good source, or want to use you as a source so they follow? in reply to alanna_shaikh #
  • @alanna_shaikh Trying to work out the etiquette between wanting to connect and wanting to intrude… in reply to alanna_shaikh #
  • @leslieajoy GIst looks interesting, thanks! in reply to leslieajoy #
  • I feel so shriven. #
  • Gibbon’s budget plan released: Not as bad as it could be, but not all that good, either. 6% paycuts for everyone! #
  • @PokerVixen That’s what *I’M* talking about! Phones are soooo 19th century. in reply to PokerVixen #
  • Crashed hard after @lvdrsketchys – fell asleep on couch for 2 hrs! @chachavelour super-nursey about minimal drawing skills. Thank you! #
  • @PjPerez Did you hire two other dudes to talk about stuff for two hours? in reply to PjPerez #
  • Writing about fashion tips for men – anyone got a tip for the stylistically-challenged modern male? #
  • @BrandyBell They make capris for men?! Ugh! I thought suit coat only went w/ suit pants; isn’t a blazer or sports coat better for jeans? in reply to BrandyBell #
  • Temporary Post Used For Theme Detection (8d72b20b-76db-4eef-9fde-6ef44a73de66 – 3bfe001a-32de-4114-a6b4-4005b770f6d7) #
  • @wilsonsteve Might do a follow-up on body types — that’s a whole other bag of cats! in reply to wilsonsteve #
  • Is there #bnblv tonight (Thursday)? Where at? #
  • Newbie Fashion Tips for Grown-Up Men #
  • Wow, my post on men’s basic fashion at Lifehack has gotten a ton of comments; didn’t expect such a hunger for this! #
  • @BrandyBell Thanks. I wouldn’t say I’ve taken an “interest” in fashion, more like an interest in not looking like a moron all the time :-) in reply to BrandyBell #
  • Am I the only one who finds Google Buzz nearly impossible to use? Can’t all those comments be folded under the main post, like Friendfeed? #
  • @Sara_Mooney It’s too bad you can’t just wrap yourself up in a blanket when you’re out partying… in reply to Sara_Mooney #
  • By the way, #snugcrawl -ers, I bought 1 of those wretched things, I’m trying to be a good sport. What an awful, hideous thing a Snuggie is! #
  • Could there be MORE static in a Snuggie? Or would they have to make it even uglier first? #snugcrawl #
  • @armano Not entirely true. 404 comments on his Smodcast episode covering SW story Plus, Twitter is *all* comments. in reply to armano #
  • @PjPerez Definit’n of a geek: Someone who won’t admit an idea is crazy or impossible, only that we don’t have the right tech to pull it off. in reply to PjPerez #
  • RT @missrogue: RT @StephenTiano: It’s time we see tax protests as UNpatriotic. This isn’t the 1700s. We’re not fighting a royal oppressor. #
  • Since I updated @tweetdeck this morning, links no longer open in my browser. That makes me sad. #
  • This is awesome – Typekit allows you to use a wide range of non-standard fonts, easily and legally, on any webite! #
  • @richardbarley THanks, that half-helped. I can get links to open in Chrome now, but can’t set them back to Firefox. Weird, but usable. in reply to richardbarley #
  • RT @zaibatsu: High School Used Laptop Webcams To SPY On Students At Home #security #privacy #
  • @mikeyvegas @pjperez Why must I face the day without any awesome? #pocketfulofawesome #
  • My Lifehack about men’s fashion has been INSANELY popular! Who knew there was such a demand for basic fashion info? #
  • @cdearment88 Why thank you kindly! I bought an awesome retro-style, magnet-backed metal-and-enamel countdown timer at Pier 1 for $8. in reply to cdearment88 #
  • @VegasBill Elvii in reply to VegasBill #
  • How come everyone I know is at VIia Elvis tonight and I didn’t even know it was opening? #
  • @SeahorseTat Me too! I guess I’m totally out of touch with reality…. in reply to SeahorseTat #
  • Happy bday @mikeyvegas. Finally you can leave the short pants and beanie behind and wear some grown-up pants. #
  • Happy bday @tinch too! #
  • I’m at Las Vegas Roller Hockey Center (953 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas) w/ 5 others. #
  • Half-time at LV Roller Derby. (Finally made it out @alruggs – think you cld do me a favor and win a little?) #
  • This is what roller derby looks like to me. #
  • @aprilcore That’s not a cry you can hear at night! in reply to aprilcore #
  • @EpicSelf We don’t normally do one-off guest posts but maybe can work s/th out. Email me at and we’ll talk. in reply to EpicSelf #
  • So I’m getting into 4square late in the game – who should I follow/friend/4-stalk/whatever? And why do ppl I don’t know keep friending me? #

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