Academic Portfolio

Curriculum Vita

An overview of my professional career: education, work history, research, publications, presentations, and areas of study.


Shows I’ve Curated

Shows I’ve Exhibited In

  • Dinosaurs vs. Robots (group show). Blackbird Studios, June 2014. Piece titles: “Rex” and “Brontosaurus: Life-Size”.
  • Dr. Seuss: A Tribute (group show). Blackbird Studios, December 2013. Piece title: “Golden Ticket”.
  • Grimm (group show). Blackbird Studios, December 2012. Piece title: “Little Red-Cap”.
  • Atomic Vegas/Area 51 (group show). Blackbird Studios, November 2012. Piece title: “Men in Black”.
  • The Greatest Show on Earth (group show). Blackbird Studios, June, 2013. Piece title: “Flea Circus”.
  • Celebrate Existence (group show). Blackbird Studios, November 2011. Piece title: “18 Cents (Spare Change)”.
  • Capture Downtown. Competition and multi-site exhibition sponsored by City of Las Vegas. October 23 – Present. Piece title: “Gambling”. Winner, 2nd prize, “Icons” category.
  • Nevadatude (curated show). Blackbird Studios, October 2011. Piece title: “Notes from a Road Trip”.
  • We Will Survive. UNLV Barrick Museum, Las Vegas, NV. September 18 – November 9, 2011. Piece title:”Stars”.
  • The Fiver: 5 Photographers, Blackbird Studios, September 2011.
  • Photography of Dustin M. Wax, Sin City Gallery, Las Vegas, NV. Sept 1 – October 31, 2011.
  • 89XXX: A Reconnaissance into Las Vegas Community (juried selection), UNLV Barrick Museum, Las Vegas, NV. May 20 – July 9, 2011. Piece title: “Inside/Outside” (photographic diptych)


Catalog descriptions, course descriptions, and course objectives for classes I have taught or prepared.

Sample Syllabi

Samples of syllabi I have created for my various courses (PDF downloads):

Student Evaluations

  • Scans of evaluations from a recent semester of “Gender, Race, and Class” (All page fronts, then all page backs; first page is overview, all scores out of 4)
  • Reviews of my courses from
    • UNLV (23 ratings, 3.2 overall)
    • CSN (21 ratings, overall 4.2/5)