Don’t Be Stupid

A Guide to Learning, Studying, and Succeeding at College


Don’t Be Stupid is everything you need to know to succeed at college. Written by a college professor based on years of experience teaching and advising students just like you, Don’t Be Stupid tells you what you need to know to:

  1. Write better papers
  2. Take better notes
  3. Pass almost any test
  4. Impress your professors
  5. Get and stay organized

And get the MOST out of college!


“The best thing about Dustin’s book is that it teaches skills that you’ll need for a lifetime, whether you decide to pursue graduate study or not. He offers great tips for staying organized, taking short notes that trigger the memorable aspects of what was said, reading a book and actually understanding it, and using the Internet to streamline research appropriately.” (Alexandra Levit, Get the Job, 5 Stars)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Don’t Be Stupid

Ch. 1: You’re in Charge Now (Free Sample Chapter: 127K PDF)
Ch. 2: Body, Mind, and Soul
Ch. 3: How to Read
Ch. 4: Take Notes that Work
Ch. 5: How to Study
Ch. 6: How to Take (and Pass) Almost Any Test
Ch. 7: How to Write Papers that Rock!
Ch. 8: How to Do Research
Ch. 9: Grades Are Bunk!
Ch. 10: Here. Now. Do Something!

Appendix I: For Further Reading
Appendix II: Things Professors Hate to Hear
Author’s Note

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Pages: 74 (plus cover)
Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″ (e-book pages will print two-per-page nicely)


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