Naomi Klein on Iraq

Naomi Klein, she of No Logo fame, has an interesting article in this month’s Nation entitled Privatization in Disguise, outlining the rapid-fire manner in which Iraq’s assets are being lined up for sale on the world market. The administration and their neocon supporters are already making mouth noises about the privatization of Iraq’s oil supplies to finance the rebuilding. [Continue reading]

Senator Kerrey and the War That Still Haunts Us

This piece was part of a round-table discussion I put together when I was a Web Editor at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. The rest of the discussion can be found at the site. [Continue reading]

Election Hang-Over

Well, it’s over. Granted, it may be days before a winner is announced, but for all practical purposes, the Y2K presidential election has ended–badly. Come January, either Bush or Gore will be president, neither of them with any great body of supporters in the House, in the Senate, or among the American people.

If this all sounds just a little pessimistic, well it is. A figure I heard on the radio this morning brought home to me the reality of the American political system. According to WBAI, New York’s Pacifica station, 90 percent of the approximately 3 billion (!) spent by candidates in this election came from the riches 1% of our population–incidentally (or is it?) the same 1% that Bush’s tax cuts help the most. [Continue reading]

Sierra Club Goes Anti-Green

Note:This was my second-ever blog post, written back during the 2000 election. The first one I’ve never been able to recover, which is a shame, as it was quite good, if I remember correctly.

[Continue reading]