Pro-War Spam

In a refreshing move, the editor of the Gainesville (Fla.) Sun announces that he will dismiss out of hand the mass-generated letters to the editor generated by systems like the Republican’s GOP Team Leader. GOP Team Leader is an action portal–you log in and it tells you what the RNC considers pressing issues and what you should do about it, generally allowing you to attach your name and address to pre-written op-eds or letters to the editor and send them to your local papers. Members earn “GOPoints” for each action, which they can use to buy spiffy prizes like a GOP windbreaker or golf cap. It’s a great resource for keeping an eye on the Republican inside track, however–there’s tons of information that you probably won’t find anywhere else–so I heartily recommend becoming a GOP Team Leader to everyone. I’ve been using it to find out about the latest Bush travesty-as-policy, but I haven’t been trying to claim any points–wouldn’t it be great, though, if thousands of people started using their system to send pro-peace, anti-oligopoly messages to the same papers and congressmen that just received thousands of undifferentiable form-letters from “real” Republicans?

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