The End of Blogathon2003

Well, this is it. I actually managed to stay up the whole 24 hours, incipient flu and all. It’s really not just a day, it’s the whole weekend, when you think that now I’ll sleep away most of Sunday. Ah well, it was worth it. I probably won’t be posting much the next few days–I’ve used up all the things in the world there are to blog about! The world will need a few days to recharge, I think.

So, thanks to everyone who dropped by to watch this unfold, and extra special thanks to everyone who sponsored me! Tomorrow (yeah, right!) or Monday I’ll put all the Blogathon entries together on one page; for now, though, you can start at the first post and work your way down. I think there were a lot of good posts in there today–it’s a shame that they rolled off the front page within hours of posting. That’s something else I’ll do, maybe–change the template to include more posts (although it would be crazy to include all of today’s posts!).

So, good night (morning, really) to everyone.

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