Google Pagerank at your Eyeball-tips

Since I’m blogging webservices, here’s a handy-dandy little web thingamabob that tells you your Google Pagerank. Since the dawn of humanity, one had to download and install the Google Toolbar if one wanted to know one’s Pagerank — no good for us Opera users! At last, even miscreants such as myself can access their Pagerank at an instant.

Wanna try this for yourself? Go to My Rank Online and get the code. Me, I already got it, and it looks like this: pagerankanniversaire

Update: Of course, since my front page is no longer at the same web address it was before, since updating my software (didn’t even notice didja? ah, the beauties of .htaccess!), Google gives me a whopping big fat ZERO, not even a point for effort, effectively slapping an L-shaped hand against it’s forehead and taunting me, “Loser!”. My “real” pagerank (note I’m not even dignifying the taunting Google with capitalization anymore) is 4/10, which is fairly respectable given I’ve barely updated this site in a year. When it was regularly updated, it’s pagerank was 6/10, which isn’t bad for a site that’s rarely broken 100 viewers in a day.

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