They Said It

Connie Rice (not to be confused with Condi, though they’re apparently cousins or something) has an article on NPR’s site comparing US policy in Iraq with policy back home, based on statements made by our Illustrious Leaders. See how the imagined future of Iraq stacks up against progressive visions of a kinder, gentler America. For instance:

(9.) “There’s no physical security without economic security.”

Who would ever have thought this version of “no jobs, no peace” would come out of the mouth of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld? Someone needs to Humvee him down the street to his backyard, and give him a mike — so he can repeat this to the underclass of Washington, D.C. The new Republican call to action: No jobs, no peace!

Take a look at the whole list, it’s all there: affirmative action, gun control, freedom to protest, even the recognition that downtrodden people occasionally erupt into violence. This is not your father’s Republican Party!

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