Spooks and Steaks

In my previous post, I noted the predominance of Cub Run Elementary School projects on the National Reconnaisance Office’s NROjr website. A quick snoop of my own (via Google) turns up the Cub Run Elementary School’s “Business Partnership” page. Turns out the NRO is a “business partner” of the school (how creepy is that designation? Not “sponsors” or “teaching partners”, but…). Here’s the skinny:

As volunteers in our school, over 100 NRO employees devote more than 1,000 volunteer hours each year. They act as tutors, mentors, role models, and guest speakers. They also participate in various clubs or after school activities such as the Chess Club, Writers Club, Computer Club, Science programs or Math and Language Arts enrichment and remediation.

Joining the NRO in this illustrious role is the Outback Steakhouse in the Union Mill shopping center. You know the one. In addition to providing catering for fundraisers, “Periodically, Outback offers free meals at the school for the Cub Run Staff. This is a wonderful way to pull the staff together for an enjoyable time of socialization.”

Incidentally, it seems the NRO website itself is down. So I haven’t been able to find out much about the wonderful agency behind NROjr and it’s almost interesting content.

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