Grading is Finished — Bring on Winter Break!

This semester is officially finished for me! This has been my craziest semester ever — I had my book to proofread and index, my partner and step-kids came down with mumps (the kids were on isolation for 9 days, my partner was home three weeks), I took part in a pilot co-teaching program, the kids’ dad abandoned them, I had a nasty cold/flu, I ramped up my activities at, I’m doing research for an academic article due early next year, my brother was hopitalized twice, my partner’s brother moved in with us while he divorces, we had a plumbing leak that required a whole section of the upstairs floor and downstairs ceiling to be torn out and a giant tent to be erected in our living room during construction (the floor and toilet upstairs still aren’t back in), and I launched a new blog at to talk about the step-dad life.

Most of that stuff won’t go away now that the break is here, but at least I’ll have time to get everything in order, maybe even get a little ahead of the curve!


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