Christmas Eve Morn?

Without making any general announcement, my partner decided to put a couple of presents aside as “Christmas Eve” presents. Given the thorough inspection that every package put out for Christmas gets from the kids, of course it only took them .04 microseconds to realize that a couple of packages were marked “Christmas Eve Present”, and even less time to figure out that meant they would get to open a present Christmas Eve.

So, of course, the door to our room flew open at 5 minutes to six this morning, the lights went on, and there stood my step-daughter in all her expectant glory.  “Come on, it’s Christmas Eve morning!”

“So?” I muttered.

“Time to open presents!” she declared.


She did not leave at this point.

“You don’t open presents on Christmas Eve morning,” I tried to explain.

She wasn’t buying it.  I mean, today is clearly Christmas Eve, and those packages are clearly marked “Christmas Eve presents”.

“No, we open those tonight,” I insisted.  “Christmas Eve, get it? Eve as in evening. See?”

The door closed, slowly, piteously.  Maybe even a little menacingly?  Her saddened footsteps slowly faded into the distance. The dreams of Christmas Eve morn faded from the world, and the Long Wait began. I admire the ingenuity — she believed she had discovered the loophole that generations of children have sought, the technicality that would make Christmas come just a little bit earlier.

Alas, it wasn’t so, but I do hope she keeps trying.  Maybe she’ll figure it out — and in any case, it’s great preparation for law school!

Happy Holidays!

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