Keeping Food on the Table offers up some advice for cutting your grocery bills. The advice is good enough, but I doubt it will help much. One thing I disagree with is that Wal-Mart is cheapest — there’ve been a couple of studies that show very little savings on the overall grocery bill between Wal-Mart and other chains. Where Wal-Mart has an advantage is in loss leaders — they’ll take a huge hit on some items, to get you [Continue reading]

Pretty in Pink: Marketing to Girls

As the step-father of a “tween” girl — and as a professor of Women’s Studies — I’m deeply concerned about the way “girly” expectations are not just imposed on girls but crammed down their throats (or, better yet, not crammed down their throats, because eating is totally outré for girls these days). Andrea Learned, the “Learned” behind the excellent marketing blog Learned on Women, shares those concenrs in her discussion of the way books are [Continue reading]