So now twerking is cultural appropriation?

In the wake of Miley Cyrus’ apparently disastrous performance on MTV’s 2013 Video Music Awards show, I’ve been seeing a lot of conversations (or more often, declarations) about twerking as a form of cultural appropriation. Twerking, according to what I’m reading, is intimately bound to black culture and when white women integrate it into their […] [Continue reading]

Thoughts on the Mass Killing in Newtown, CT: A Rant in 11 Tweets

This is a series of posts I made on Twitter following the shooting in Newtown, CT yesterday. I could flesh them out, but I like them as is, sketchy and impressionistic as they are. Edited simply to correct two typos and expand abbreviations. Most of the responses to today’s mass shootings, from people I mostly respect, boil down […] [Continue reading]

Things I’ve Learned at BurlyCon 2011 (Final Edition)

[UPDATE: I cut a section which I want to post more in-depth on later. Miss Astrid’s “State of Neo-Burlesque” raised some really important points bit I’m not sure I’m the right person to address them.] Back home today after an intense, amazing, mind-expanding, soul-filling, heart-warming long weekend at BurlyCon 2011 in Seattle, and boy is […] [Continue reading]

Dear Companies: Stop Doing That!

Sometimes I get fed up. It seems like every day companies are acting more and more cavalier with my time and attention, wasting an ever-increasing part of my day to accomplish absolutely nothing. Last night I reached into my mailbox to find a plain white envelope, probably five inches by eight, no logo, no return […] [Continue reading]

A little New Orleans street jazz. Listen to her BLOW!

Click here to download: NOLA_Street_Jazz.wmv (55273 KB) Posted via email from Dustin M. Wax [Continue reading]

“Day of the Dead” Show at Blackbird Studios

Image by dustin_wax via Flickr See the full gallery on posterous Posted via email from Dustin M. Wax [Continue reading]

Today Is My 10th Anniversary as a Blogger

I started blogging on November 2nd of 2000 with a carefully crafted analysis of supreme court nominations by previous presidents, in response to anti-Nader campaigning that promised Nader supporters that their support would spell the end of abortion rights in the US. That post has been lost to history (and a bad webhosting service); the […] [Continue reading]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

@BrandyBell Not at all — it was a blast. Maybe next time we’ll have a conversation where we can actually hear each other. in reply to BrandyBell # The coolest part? Kevin Smith flies SW! RT @johnnykats: Kevin Smith thrown off plane for being ‘too big for seat’ # Office 2010 will have a […] [Continue reading]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-14

Just came across a wah-wah pedal I have NEVER used before (bought right before a move and forgot about it). Oh my, it just got funky here! # The Publishing Process Explained # Just came across an “Ethics of ANthropology” syllabus online that’s 129 pages long! Includes 100 pages of bibliography. # NV faces […] [Continue reading]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-07

Awesom skater just told me “you’re not looking so good out there.” Thanks, guy. # Any skaters have advice on how to stop my left foot from curving inward? Seem to have picked up some bad habits in 28 yrs off roller skates. # Roller skating was great fun! After nearly 30 yrs, it all […] [Continue reading]