On Hiatus

With apologies to my regular visitors (both of you–hi mom!), I am going through some “life changes” at the moment and have been unable to post for the last week, having been out of town. It also looks like I’ll be unable to post anything new for at least another week.

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  • Anonymous

    We’ll be waitin’ for you–

  • Anonymous

    Stay opinionated, and come back soon!

  • Anonymous

    Something’s different… I’ve reworked some of the CSS on the site after receiving complaints from AOL/CompuServe users about the way the page was rendering. Funnily, I haven’t actually been able to document any differences in the way these services’ browsers render CSS–after all, they supposedly use standard IE (or maybe Netscape, nowadays). But I checked the site through CompuServe, and sure enough, major fubarism.

    Thanks to Emma and, er… Mr. Hat (?)–I’m packing up and moving this week, and can only catch up on the Internet late at night before I head off to exhausted sleep. Once I get my cra… er, “belongings” shipped out, I’ll be on the road for a few days and without Internet access altogether. There’s something altogether special about driving cross-country, even alone. Utah Phillips tells of a mentor in his youth who said to him, “You know you love the country. You come riding in and out of town on the rails, singing songs and talking about the things you’ve seen–you love the country. You just can’t stand the government.” (Quoted from admittedly faulty memory, so probably not the exact quote.) It’s when I’ve been out there, especially on the state highways away from the Interstates, that the meaning of this quote really hits me. I’ll be thinking about this (along with the half-dozen or so other topics I’ve been wanting to blog upon for the last week and a half) as I drive, giving me yet another topic to post on when I get back to syphilization (literally–I’m heading to Las Vegas!).

    Till then…

  • Anonymous

    yeah language hat, but older AOL versions are running on IE 3 or 4 or 5 whose CSS rendering capabilities are shoddy at best…newer AOL versions are probably rendering okay but you never know.

  • Anonymous

    All right, man, a haitus is a haitus, but this is TOO LONG!

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