Blogathon Status Report

Well, almost 16 hours have passed since I stumbled out of bed and started blogging this morning. A late sponsor brought my total up to $40 in pledges for Doctors Without Borders, which is good–seems to be about average from a quick glance at the participants list. So far, I’ve managed pretty well–I’ve been stockpiling links for a few days so I’d have stuff to write about. Those links ran out about 2 hours ago, and I admit, I am starting to be at a loss for ideas. I still have a couple of longer posts I want to write, but I’ve been thinking those will wait until the wee hours. My stomach is feeling somewhat better; however, I hardly slept last night, so I’m a little worried about how tired I’m going to get.

The one thing I don’t understand is how people can manage two posts an hour. I suppose if I just blogged about day-to-day stuff–“I went to the bathroom and stopped to consider the way the towel draped, ever-so-softly, over the towel rod”, and the like–I might be able to shoot one off every 30 minutes, but that’s not my thing. As it stands, I think I’ve been averaging a post every 45 minutes, but they’re pretty long posts, as is my wont.

Have you ever considered the word “wont”? Wonder what it means?

Anyway, going into the final quarter, things look not exactly bright, but not exactly dim, either. I imagine I’ll be getting a little punchy, maybe a little snarky, as my brain functions decay. I am reminded, though, of something Camus said, about man functioning best when he’s only had 4 hours of sleep. Something to do with our lack of patience for self-deception and idiocy. We’ll see, I suppose.

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  • Anonymous

    looks like you’re doing just fine, sweetums. crack open a mountain dew and spike it with coffee. it may not taste good, but hey, what the heck.

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