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It looks very as if I got a job at my local library. I won’t know for sure until Monday, but let me prematurely celebrate by finally posting links to some of the blogs by and about librarians I’ve been meaning to post for a while.

  • First up is, a general roundup of all things library-related, especially stuff about or from the American Library Association. The site is run by Jessamyn West, whose personal blog, abada abada 07/03, also bears looking into. Be sure to take a look at the technically legal signs for libraries to post regarding the impact of the PATRIOT Act on library-goers’ privacy rights.
  • Libraryman is well-dressed for any occasion, and provides commentary on stories of misfortune and woe throughout the library kingdom.
  • Librarian and Information Science News is the “slashdot” of the library world, offering breaking news and observations. Its coverage of information technology, privacy and First Amendment issues, and Iraq have been especially good.
  • is another good site for technology and privacy issues, often stuff you wouldn’t normally think of as “library issues” because you’re too wrapped up in images of mousy old ladies with their hair tied back in a tight, tight bun. Apparently, you think she runs the server…
  • The Shifted Librarian also covers technology issues, but specifically how those issues effect the circulation and retrieval of digital information.
  • Both Male Librarian Centerfold and Liberry Blooze regale us with stories drawn straight from the librarian’s workaday life. I guarantee you’ll laugh more than once at the stupidity and sheer dense-headedness of library patrons very much like you and me.

Well, that’s my list. There’s a few other sites I visit now and again, but these are the most regularly updated and interesting ones I know of. Hopefully some library people will clue me in to some I might have missed.

I’ll be adding these to my blogroll, along with a whole bunch of other links I’ve never gotten around to adding, hopefully next week.

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