Back in Action

If you visited on Monday (Nov. 2nd) you were probably treated to a collection of links offering all the chess and nanny serivces you could ask for. In case you prefer my “distinctive” brand of opinionizing to chess and/or nannying, you’ll be happy to see the site restored. My domain came up for renewal, and having been burned by fraudulent renewal offers in the past (for a different domain), I decided to renew directly through the site where I had registered the domain — inconveniently forgetting that I transferred registrarship (to coin a word) when I moved to my current host. So the domain expired, a fee was assessed, the domain was renewed, and the renewed domain percolated through the web to bring you, once again, one man’s thoughts on chess and nannies. Both of which are, I think, quite nice.

2 comments to Back in Action

  • Anonymous

    You alive, sailor?

  • You’re lucky you got the domain back without too much hassle. I’ve had some pretty big issues with this kind of thing, after missing the renewal deadline for one reason or another.

    You’d think I’d only make that mistake once, but unfortunately I’m a slow learner…

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