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I’ve just added a whole lotta links to my blogroll. Most of these have been mouldering away in my bookmarks for a long time — some of them for well over a year, maybe over two years — and I decided it was time to get them all posted. I know that, at one time or another, I thought they all had something interesting to say. Thing is, it’s been so long since I looked at some of them that I can’t actually remember why I thought they were interesting in the first place.

So tell ya what I’m gonna do. For the next month or so, I’m going to try (and I do mean “try” — no promises from someone as flaky as me!) to write about one of these sites every day until I make it through the list. That’ll help me remember why I thought they were neat enough to bookmark, and maybe the occasional visitor will find something he really likes. In a way, it’s a kind of payback to the ‘net — I know I got a big boost some time ago when The Talking Dog added me to his (her?) Dog Run.

One last note — none of my links related to libraries, porn, or both (yes, Martha, that’s both sex and libraries) have been posted. I’ve decided that a) they really deserve a special place on my sidebar — library and porn blogs are that special! — and b) it’s too hard to decide whether a given site should go under “libraries” or “porn”, so I’ll just post them all together. I intend someday to write something interesting about library porn, so I’ve got a bunch of miscellaneous links to do something with, too. But those projects will wait; for now, I’m just gonna stick with what’s up there.

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