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Abstract Dynamics covers pop culture and politics and pop politics and political culture with an especially deft ear. Topics range from Hip-Hop to Big Media to Old School political agitation. Even if the writing weren’t good and on target and kinda fun, even, you’d still like him (the name behind the email address is William Blaze, so I’m thinking “him” is appropriate) because of the great book plugs on the sidebar: Deleuze and Guattari, Luc Sante, Paul Auster, Neal Stephenson, Italo Calvino, Gabriel Garcia Marquez — ain’t no fluffy “summer reading” crap! Plus, he Does the Right Thing by hosting other blogs he thinks are peachy-keen.


Ultimately though I suspect that corporate personhood is an effect of the corporate drive for power, not a cause. Is shifting the balance of power back towards another organization with repressive tendencies, the State, an answer to the problems posed by big business? In order for the answer to be “yes” the State must be ready to recode the corporate laws in a constructive manner. A dubious but not impossible prospect, and one that can be furthered greatly if the ideas on how to recode these entities are in existence. And this my friends is our job.

Good writing, good taste, good NYC style — I’m thinking he’s gotta be from Brooklyn.

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