Blog a Day (Bonus): action figures sold separately

action figures sold separately

I first encountered the action figures gang back in April of 2003 when elihu, one of the action figures I suppose, seconded my suggestion that “fleischering” be added to the national vocabulary to describe the act of not only talking around a question but not even pretending one is dealing with the same topic they were asked about. The site’s posting history is spotty (as is mine — no finger-pointing here) and their last post was in February — apparently they got so worked up about the whole gay marriage thing in San Francisco that they quite forgot about the whole blogging phenomenon for 6 months or so.

Actually, the site was a part of the family of websites, and it may just be that the group blog was forsaken in favor of the various other projects they take part in. Maybe I should link to some of the other parts of the site — but there’s no clear indication that action figures will not, as sometime in the future, again be sold separately…

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