A Quickie

I haven’t done much blogsurfing lately, due to my back and a busy schedule, so maybe this has been commented on ad nauseum, but did anyone else think it somewhat refreshing and even surprising to see The Man Who Would Be President admit on national TV during the first debate that he’d made a mistake? (“I made a mistake in how I talked about the war…”) I know that the Bush campaign would have me believe that any display of less-than-fanatic certainty is a sign of lack of leadership capability, but I actually appreciated it. Although I’m never going to be a Kerry booster — I want Bush out, but Kerry is far from who I’d have chosen to replace him — I wouldn’t mind having a president who can recognize his (or her — when’s that gonna happen?!) mistakes and publically admit that s/he’s made them. It takes a certain kind of courage to realize and admit that you’re wrong, and Bush has demonstrated time and again that courage is not something he’s particularly familiar with.

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