This Weekend is Educator’s Day at Borders

I know, I know — Borders is Evil. Support local independents, by all means. I moved last month, and am pleased to find that a local used bookstore, Dead Poets Books, moved too, and right up the street! But sometimes there’s a book that just hasn’t made it into the stock of your local used bookstore, and Vegas is really not hip to the whole “independent bookseller” thing, so it’s Borders and B&N for me, or no bookstores at all.

And normally it’s no new bookstores — I can be pretty happy with just used bookstores and the Web for new books, when I absolutely positively *must* have some new release (Walter Mosley comes to mind). But this weekend it’s Education Day at Borders, so educators — among whose exalted ranks I count myself — get a whopping 25% off their (our) purchases. Given that the bulk of our society, for all the lip service it gives to “Leaving No Child Behind” and all that, sees actual educators as only a step away from prostitutes moonlighting as terrorists, it’s refreshing to know that there is at least one place where, for a couple days out of the year anyway, we can get a little respect. Before, you know, going back to bilking taxpayers out of their hard-earned money, training their children to hate America, and securing entirely unreasonable stashes of WMDs to use against the government.

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