The Eye Thing

There’s an eye thing. Lauren at Feministe picked it up from Rana at Frogs and Ravens who caught it from jo(e) at jo(e)’s page. “Let’s see your eyes,” they all said. Well, here’s an eye:

The Eyes Have It

Interestingly, the real colour of my eyes (mostly green, but not the neon lime green you can make out in places in this picture) does not appear in this image. I took this with my new Canon Powershot A95 (well, it was new a couple months ago when I took the picture), a gift to myself and a commitment to get more serious about photography, which I seem (when I’m feeling especially generous to myself) to have some small talent in. You know the drill — you get a new camera, it’s all set up and ready to go, but it’s 2 in the morning and what are you gonna photograph? Hmmm, wonder how good this macro function is? Let’s just get that really close to my eye and *bang* whoa, let’s try that again without the flash. OK, look at the screen… hmmm, that’s boring. But boring pics is why the Powers That Very Likely Do Not Be gave us Photoshop! A little too much saturation here, a lot of desaturation there, burn that in, dodge that out, clone stamp a bit around this area, crop like so, and presto-chango — the frightening, 1984-esque image above.

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