Too Lame?

Let me be clear: I love I am thrilled at the ways they’ve found to mobilize people through the Internet. But somehow, when they mess with popular culture, they come off as just incredibly lame. The first time was when they suggested that we could use the awful movie The Day After Tomorrow as an opportunity to raise awareness about global warming. Why they’d even want to be associated with that piece of dreck is beyond me — especially when the Right is doing its damnedest to discredit the science behind global warming. Why on (a rapidly warming) Earth would you interject Hollywood schlock-science into the debate?

Anyway, now MoveOn has come to us with a new hope: that Lucas’ latest blockbuster (which I’m going to be seeing tomorrow) about a Senator who, “seduced by a dark vision”, seizes power and transforms a democratic republic into a nightmare vision of fascism and unfriendly aesthetics. Their latest effort, Save the Republic, is a TV ad using familiar Star Wars imagery to present Sen. Frist as the Dark Emperor leading an army of robotic judges (which they call “clones” — come on people, this isn’t rocket science!) set on destroying the “fabled order” of peace and justice upheld and protected by our “fair judges”.


The project has a kind of geek charm, I suppose, but is this really going to galvanize anyone? Do we really want a movie which, if the last 2 (or, really, the last 5) are any indication of the quality of the new one, will be filled with stilted dialogue, shoddy science, and an incredibly unsubtle approach to politics (let alone the nature of evil) to be our entry in a debate which, however it ends up, will have lasting repercussions on the state of governance in the United States for decades to come? C’mon, MoveOn: changing the nomination process is Bad News, and demonstrably so — is Lucas’ fantasyland vision of politics really our best argument?!

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