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I fell behind in doing these week posts, because I went out of town over a weekend and came back busy as heck!  So, here’s what I’ve posted at over the weeks I missed:

How to Give Instructions offers advice on, well, giving instructions.
Book Discussion: Chip and Dan Heath’s “Made to Stick” is an overview of Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, which I think is an amazing book.  This post is followed by a 6-part “Sticky Ideas Workshop” exploring the book’s themes more closely.
Sticky Ideas Workshop (Part 1): Simple
The User’s Guide explains the different features of the site and how the site gets written.  I wrote this for two reasons: 1) to try to build up some interest in the community aspects of the site (forums, howto wiki, etc.) and 2) to make the point that we are several different people who write for  I often get comments when I contradict something another writer has said, saying “But you just said…!” For some reason, it’s hard for people to get that, like a magazine, a website might be written by many different people, not all of whom agree on everything.
Sticky Ideas Workshop (Part 2): Unexpected
Five Productivity Ideas I’m Not Buying (Yet?) was an attempt to stir the pot a little by attacking (though somewhat mildly, if I say so myself) some dearly-held productivity concepts like mind mapping, the power of positive thinking, etc.

This week I’ve been continuing the “Sticky Ideas Workshop” and also trying to get some back-to-school posts up, which will be my focus until the end of the month.

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