A Couple of Oldies

While searching for some other files, I came across copies of two posts I made at the very beginning of my blogging career, back in November of 2000. The first post I ever did has been lost to the vagaries of history, but the second and third posts are now up here in the November, 2000 archives. I started blogging because I was upset at the way the 2000 elections were going, and these posts reflect that.

The funny thing is that there wasn’t really any blogging software back then, so the pages were hand-coded. I can’t imagine what I would have done once I had dozens of posts to keep up with, but I wort of fell out of blogging for a while and didn’t come back until 2002, and by then there was Blogger.

While I was working on the site, I also added a a disclaimer to protect myself from legal woes. Have a look, and don’t say you weren’t warned about this site! (Note: reading this will be more fun than it sounds.)

Finally, I noticed that all the comments here are being posted anonymously, and when I did some snooping I realized that’s because I hadn’t set up the comments right. I always look at the site being logged in as the administrator; I just found out why it’s helpful to logout now and again and see how your site looks from a visitor’s perspective.

I wish I could steal John Hodgman’s line and sign off my posts: THAT IS ALL.

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