Test Your Geographic Knowledge and Donate Clean Water

Free Poverty is another click-for-charity site, with a twist: to win fresh water for impoverished nations, you have to identify where places are on a map of the world. There are several rounds, ranging from “Easy” (with places like Seattle, WA and London, UK) to “Medium” (Rabat, Morocco) to “Hard” (Angkor Wat, Cambodia) to “Super-Hard” (Sunshine Coast, Australia). Maybe higher; I only made it to “Super-Hard”, donating 302 cups of water in the process. The closer you get, the more they donate, with 10 cups for each perfect answer.

I consider myself pretty well-informed about geography, and I had very few perfect 10-point answers. If you’re entirely off-base (I thought Sunshine Coast was on the west coast of Australia, which it’s not. At all.) you lose a “life” — lose them all and the game ends.

Given how terrible most Americans are at geography, this seems like a great way to start building some awareness of the world beyond our borders. Give it a try!

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  • Anonymous

    Cool. Made it to 399. Goofed
    Cool. Made it to 399. Goofed on 3 Australia’s, Fiji, and misread an Armenian city I’d never heard of. Particularly proud of how well I did with Africa, all but 1 in the right country, lots of 9’s, 10 on Bamako.

  • Anonymous

    You humble me.
    You humble me.

  • Anonymous

    I made 760 until I got bored
    I made 760 until I got bored and failed on purpose to see how it ended. Made a lot of 10’s, and it’s obvious the creators started to fill it with countries beginning with “A”, because I had to spot a lot of cities in Algeria and Argentina. I think now I know all the countries in Algeria. By the way, almost 90% of them are by the coast. Argentina is harder because they are more scattered around the territory, but aim to the center and you won’t get any fail.

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