My New Look – More Than Skin Deep

XIAN, CHINA - DECEMBER 13:  Visitors walk past...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

After a couple years of fretting, I finally figured out how to transfer this site from it’s old Drupal install to a shiny new WordPress install. If you’re a Drupal evangelist, believe me, I know: it’s a great system, but way too much power — and too much work — for a single person’s blog.

All the content’s here (although a picture might be missing here and there, and I’m still trying to figure out to do with some longer essays that were posted as special pages on the old site). I’ve also posted a fairly thorough portrait of my academic self in the Portfolio section. Most of the links from the old site will still work, but an odd link here and there will be broken, and for that I apologize. (On the other hand, the search function on this site works much better than on the old site.)

I’m hoping to get to posting more often, but between teaching and freelance writing and maintaining some kind of human-like social life, I’m kept pretty busy. We’ll see what I can do…

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