The Shakers

Shaker Brother Ricardo Belden, making wooden o...

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In Part 2 of my “Introduction to Anthropology” series, I mention the Shakers, so I thought I’d post some information about them.

My favorite resource is the the absolutely stunning documentary film, Ken Burns’ America: The Shakers. The homepage includes a timeline of Shaker history, links to online resources about the Shakers, and a pair of video clips from the movie.

For further information on the Shakers, visit the homepage of the Canterbury Shaker Village, a museum reproducing life in a typical Shaker village.

The article, “Living A Tradition”, was originally published in Smithsonian magazine, and is available online here. There are three “sidebars” — “I Was A Teenage Shaker”, a gallery of Shaker crafts, and a collection of Shaker recipes.

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