Things My Language Told Me to Say

There is a debate going on at several blogs (starting at EmptyBottle and continuing at the heart of things , akma’s random thoughts , commonplaces , Ming the Mechanic , Ep [Continue reading]


I saw X-Men 2 on Friday, not so much because I’m a big fan of the X-Men (I don’t really read comic books) but because I love seeing “event movies” like this on opening night–there’s such a charge from all the hard-core fans and the interaction with the movie. [Continue reading]

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Donna Schaper is a garden hobbyist and author of The Art of Spiritual Rock Gardening. Schaper lives in Florida and was recently rejected admission to the Coral Gables Garden Club on the grounds that she is “too liberal”. [Continue reading]

“Brother, Friend, Comrade”: The Workman’s Circle and Jewish Culture, 1900-1930

Essay written by: Dustin M. Wax

We believe that misdeeds, injustice, falsehood, and murder will not reign forever, and a bright day will come when the sun will appear. We believe there is hope for mankind; the peoples of the world will not destroy each other for a piece of land, and blood will not be shed for silly prestige. We believe men will not die of hunger, and wealth not created by its own labor will disappear like smoke. [Continue reading]