Outlook 2007 Oddity

Here’s something strange: When you’re writing an email in Outlook 2007, you’d think the “text format” setting would be under the “Format Text” tab, right? You’d be wrong. It’s actually under the “Options” tab. According to Microsoft engineers*, this is strictly to keep you on your toes and prevent you from becoming complacent. *Note: The opinions expressed herein may or may not represent the opinions of actual Microsoft engineers, none of whom were consulted in any way other than presumably in the writing of this post. [Continue reading]

More on CharityGate

Steven Bates, the Yellow Doggerel Democrat, writes a good reply to my arguments about Bill Gate’s philanthropic urges. He correctly identifies the core of my discomfort (or one of the cores–I may not be the best judge of the merits of my argument) and offers a good argument in defense of Gates’ charity. Ultimately, his reply rests on the question of how Gates’ philanthropy differs from the charitable giving of the rest of us. [Continue reading]

What’s Not to Love?

Jeanne D’Arc has a short post linking to an article on Salon about Bill Gates’ philanthropy. "My Microsoft-hating son will never forgive me for saying this," she writes, "but I love Bill Gates." The Salon article discusses Gates’ commitment to dispose of 95% of his massive $43 billion dollar personal wealth through charities involved in such issues as reproductive health and the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases in the Third World. [Continue reading]