Reading Fantasy & Science Fiction, Part 2

I’m about 2/3 of the way through the September issue of Fantasy and Science Fiction and my feelings are mixed. I’ve been forcing myself to read every story, front to back, which is not at all how I would read the magazine if I had picked it up at the newsstand. Isn’t that interesting? Because F&SF sent me the copy free, I feel obligated to read it more thoroughly than if I’d spent my own hard-earned money on it! [Continue reading]

Reading Fantasy & Science Fiction

The folks at Fantasy & Science Fiction put word out that they’d send a free copy of their September issue to bloggers who agreed to write about what they’d read. I’ve been reading Fantasy & Science Fiction off and on for probably two decades now, but hadn’t picked up a copy in a while, so I was definitely willing to see what they’re up to these days — especially on their nickel! [Continue reading]