Free Range Human — Yum!

I don’t know the story behind these images at all, but they certainly say more than their allotted 1,000 words! The creators of these pictures of free range workers say only that they wanted to illustrate the commonality between office working conditions and the way chickens are raised (i.e. in cage batteries vs. free-range). Of course, no matter how chickens are raised, no matter how happy or unhappy they are on their farms, their ultimate end isn’t all that pleasing for the chicken (I imagine — I’ve never asked a dead chicken how they felt about it all). [Continue reading]

School’s Back, and Badder Than Ever!

Break’s over, classes are back in session as of today. This semester I’m doing something a little different — 5 sessions of “Gender, Race, and Class” in Women’s Studies. I’m teaching no anthropology classes at all, for the first time in 4 1/2 years. I’ll still be at the community college, though — 2 of my WMST sections are community college classes. I’m really looking forward to teaching the stuff I’ve been teaching at the university to the students I get at the community college. For one thing, I can virtually guarantee my classes will be a lot more diverse, and likely not a white majority, which should change the dynamic considerably. [Continue reading]


I’ve just submitted my first Search Engine Result Page (SERP) at Mahalo, Jason Calacanis’ new “hand-written” search engine. The topic is “David Weinberger”, whose work I’ve been following for years. (You have to have one reviewed before you can take on a wider range of topics at the same time.) [Continue reading]

A New Gig

Starting next week, I will be blogging at on topics related to productivity, organization, learning, and generally living the Good Life. I’ll still maintain this site for more general musings and updates. I’m very excited about this opportunity and am looking forward to dealing with some of the topics I’ve dealt with here in a more general way. Check it out! [Continue reading]