The Rapture of Colin Powell

After appearing to have finally come into lockstep with the rest of the administration in the build-up to the war in Iraq, Powell seems to be breaking away again. In an interesting development–especially in the context of on-going investigations of Kissinger as America’s representative in the coup–he told a student recently that America’s role in the Chilean coup that brought Pinochet to power in 1973 “is not a part of American history that we’re proud of.” His own State Department flew into CYA mode, issuing a statement that America had no involvement in the coup. Seems like Powell can barely open his mouth in this administration without being contradicted. I only hope that once Powell is out of the administration, whether because he resigns or because Bush falls out (or is thrown out) of office or because he is not asked to repeat his role in the second Bush administration, that Powell will spill his guts, loudly and thoroughly. I also hope that by the time he does, the deregulated media that his clan has played a big role in creating will give him a strong platform to speak from.

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