Why Oh Why?

Why are telecoms so behind the curve when it comes to the web? AT&T Wireless’ website is a horror — mMode services are handled separately from other wireless services, a query I once made on how to access my voicemail from a landline got dozens of separate results for how to access voicemail wirelessly from every model of phone AT&T services (this despite the fact that the phone I actually use is recorded in my profile — and despite the fact that on every phone the answer is “press and hold the ‘1’ button”), and so on. I ended up googling up the answer, which I found (fairly easily) on a non-AT&T site.

Right now, I’ve been up all night transferring services from my current address to my new address, or starting new services. I’ve started Cox cable high-speed Internet and Southwest Gas services (my current place is electric-only), and I’ve transferred my Nevada Power account as well. So all that’s left (other than change-of-addresses with my bank, renter’s insurance, and wireless) is to transfer my Sprint local service and cancel my DSL (which my new landlord tells me will interfere with the alarm system in the new place). So I head to Sprint’s website (which doesn’t work with Opera, so I have to open IE) and look up FAQs on customer service. The answer to all FAQs involved with moving, changing, or cancelling Sprint services online is the same:

This feature is currently not offered online. Please call the Sprint Local business office at 1-888-723-8010 for assistance.

So while the power utilities totally get the web, not one but two telecommunication companies are totally lost. Which isn’t very heartening, is it — after all, the Internet is a freakin’ telecommunications application!!!!!


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