One Nation, Under… What?

[[image:onenationsm.jpg:Republican Flyer — small:center:0]]

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It’s Swing State time here in Nevada, which means every day my mailbox is chock-a-block full of flyers from both Republicans and Democrats. Today, I got a flyer exhorting me to “Vote Republican” next Tuesday, from the party whose presidential candidate seemed very upset, during the debates, about the idea that “under God” might be dropped from the “Pledge of Allegiance”. What’s interesting is that the slogan on the flyer, the little catchphrase that’s sposed to fire up my patriotic sensibility and get me to vote for the party that aims to protect my right to impose on atheists and other non-Christian folks a particular conceptualization of a supernatural being watching over this nation and its interests, this slogan printed in big, glowy letters, says: ONE NATION…With liberty and justice for all. Where’s the Bearded One? There’s an ellipsis there to show me that words were removed, and I’m well-educated enough to know what words those are, too — those Republicans don’t know who they’re dealing with! (Though, to be fair, after what they’ve done to education, I spose they figgered they could count on people not going in for reading and all that.)

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