Is There an Easy Way to Migrate from Drupal to WordPress?

I’m starting to regret having built this site with Drupal. Don’t get me wrong — Drupal is amazing software.  But it’s a little bit overkill for my humble blog and portfolio, and I’m not sure I can easily maintain it as new releases come out.

WordPress I know much better, having used it for various projects for years, and I know how to do complex stuff like moving it to a new server or re-importing the database.

I know WordPress and Drupal well enough that I could migrate the content of this site quite easily.  I think I could even do it while maintaining all the URLs, so that neither my links nor links from other sites would be broken. The problem for me lies in the Drupal-specific features I’ve integrated into this site.  For example, the portfolio page is generated dynamically by a Drupal plugin called “Article”. I suppose I could rebuild it from scratch, but I’ve already put the work in.

Is there an easy way to do this, or should I just get used to the digital equivalent of mowing my lawn with a nuclear bomb?

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