Anti-Anti-Women’s Studies (An Open Letter to Jan Oller)

Image by cathredfern via Flickr

My former colleague in Women’s Studies, Jan Oller, write an op-ed piece in a local alternative weekly attacking WMST as a discipline and supporting recent budgetary decisions to terminate the program. Since I don’t have a current email address for him, I’ve decided to post my response here as an open letter. I hope he sees it!



I don’t say this very often, but after publishing [Continue reading]

A Funny Thing Happened…

A funny thing happened at the Barnes and Noble last week. I had stopped in to browse a little before an afternoon class, and picked up an issue of Writer’s Digest. As I checked out, the clerk — an older woman — asked if I was a writer. “Yeah,” I responded, “I am.” “What do you write?” she asked. “Well, I’m a professor at the University, so a lot of my writing is academic stuff, but I also write quite a bit online, mostly how to-type articles.” At the mention of my teaching, she lit up. “What do you teach?” [Continue reading]