Caught in the Spam Radar

For some reason there’s been an especially high level of spam lately. A lot of it’s for ForEx (foreign exchange) schemes, which makes sense with the dollar tanking — a small investment in Euros or Pounds a couple years ago would have made a nice return. I’m not sure teaming up with the guy that’s spamming you about it is really the best way to enter the field, though. But the spam that’s really getting my attention is the stuff with totally made-up words. This morning, I submitted spams with titles like “intercalative parafloccular” and “jager nomistic fipple”. I mean, how gorgeous are those phrases? A science fiction writer could name an entire galaxy of futuristic devices, new worlds, and extraterrestrial characters from what I delete from my spam queue every morning! [Continue reading]

Finally Publishing Comments

I just noticed a bunch of quite old comments — like, 10 weeks old and older — that had gotten stuck in the moderation queue. If you’ve ever commented here and didn’t see your comment come up, I apologize; I hadn’t understood how Akismet’s spam filter worked in Drupal (I’ve only used it in WordPress before). If that sentence is sheer gobbledygook to you, let’s just say “I screwed up” and leave it at that. [Continue reading]

Oh Sweet, Sweet Justice

Chances are, you know Alan Ralsky. Or at least, you know his work. Ralsky is one of the big-time spam operators, sending out millions of e-mails promising to make you thinner, richer, and better-looking. He doesn’t do porn, but that’s about the limits of his ethical concerns when it comes to sending spam. A few months ago, the Detroit Free Press ran an interview with Ralsky, describing his move into a new 8,000-square-foot luxury home in West Bloomfield, MI, from where he plans to run his spam empire. [Continue reading]