The Happiness Project

Happiness ProjectA few weeks ago, Alex Shalman, one of the guest contributors at, asked me to contribute to his “Happiness Project”, a set of interviews with prominent bloggers about their definitions of happiness and what they’re doing to increase happiness in their lives. [Continue reading]

Coming Soon: The Writer’s Technology Companion

A while back, I mentioned that I was putting together some material on writing and technology and thinking about launching a new site around it. I decided to go ahead with that project, and am well into getting the site up and running. The site is called The Writer’s Technology Companion and will be launching sometime in March at There’s a launch page there now, where you can sign up for email notifications or subscribe to the RSS feed so you’ll be informed when the site officially goes live. [Continue reading]

Stop Me Before I Blog Again!

I’m mulling the idea of starting a new site devoted to writing and technology. I’ve got a name, a likely domain name, and am building a nice chunk of content to launch with. The idea is to discuss the particular technology needs of writers (of all sorts) using the web to promote their work and develop their audience. The question is, am I better off starting a new blog devoted solely to that niche or to start integrating that content into this site? The advantage to posting it here is that I already have a decent amount of traffic, I have a good position in Google, and I wouldn’t be splitting my attention and time off to yet another project. [Continue reading]

The Price of Knowledge

Let me let you in on a little secret: college textbooks in the US are grossly overpriced. It’s been shown time and again that the same books can cost much less in Canada and the UK, and can often be ordered for less even after adding the cost of international shipping! [Continue reading]

I’m in the Dog Pound

The Talking Dog added me to the Dog Pound, his collection of “sites approved for romping and reading”. What separates this event from other blogrolling instances is not only that the Talking Dog is a fellow Brooklynite (though I am currently in exile) who specializes in performing name change operations for transsexuals (nice work, if you can get it), but the review:

[Continue reading]