Testing Poster on Palm Pre

I’m posting this to test out Poster, an app that lets me post to WordPress blogs from my Palm Pre.

I can add images, bold text, underline, and italicize. Also, add links like this: Don’t Be Stupid. And that’s it – will be interesting to see how useful it is. So far seems easy enough to use.

(Update: The image didn’t insert right, although it did upload. It had to be resized significantly, of course, [Continue reading]

The Writer’s Technology Companion Is Live!

This morning I launched The Writer’s Technology Companion, a new blog covering the tools of the writer’s trade. This is a project I’ve been working on for several months, now — I wanted to make absolutely sure I could keep it up for the long haul with everything else that’s on my plate. So a lot of planning went into the site, with several dozen posts written and “in the can” so I don’t have to worry about running short on content anytime soon. [Continue reading]

Stop Me Before I Blog Again!

I’m mulling the idea of starting a new site devoted to writing and technology. I’ve got a name, a likely domain name, and am building a nice chunk of content to launch with. The idea is to discuss the particular technology needs of writers (of all sorts) using the web to promote their work and develop their audience. The question is, am I better off starting a new blog devoted solely to that niche or to start integrating that content into this site? The advantage to posting it here is that I already have a decent amount of traffic, I have a good position in Google, and I wouldn’t be splitting my attention and time off to yet another project. [Continue reading]

Who Drives Tech? Wankers Drive Tech!

Porn Industry Again at the Tech Forefront: LA Times story on the role of the porn industry in driving technological advancement. Nothing new, but nice to see that acknowledged in a major outlet. Money quote: “Historically, the porn industry has adopted new technologies more nimbly than Hollywood. It embraced home video in the late 1970s, allowing people to bypass seedy theaters and watch the movies in their living rooms. Mainstream studios, by contrast, fought home video all the way to the Supreme Court before making it one of the most profitable pieces of their business.” [Continue reading]