Testing Poster on Palm Pre

I’m posting this to test out Poster, an app that lets me post to WordPress blogs from my Palm Pre.

I can add images, bold text, underline, and italicize. Also, add links like this: Don’t Be Stupid. And that’s it – will be interesting to see how useful it is. So far seems easy enough to use.

(Update: The image didn’t insert right, although it did upload. It had to be resized significantly, of course, [Continue reading]

Build Your Virtual Office: Ten Great Online Tools for Writers (ByLine Magazine)

2008. “Build Your Virtual Office: Ten Great Online Tools for Writers”. Byline Magazine #320 (April 2008): 8-10. Describes the various kinds of online web applications that writers might find useful, and gives recommendations of the best one or two in each category. Cover story. [Continue reading]

Google search tricks for beginners

The Internet is, in a word, vast. There are not millions but billions of pages out there, and at least one of them must have just the piece of information you’re looking for. So how do you sort through all of that overwhelming bounty of information to get just the information you’re looking for? Enter Google. Used well, the search engine with the plain white homepage can quite literally bring a world of information to your fingertips. Used poorly, though, and Google can make you yearn for the days of card catalogs and harried librarians. [Continue reading]

How to make the most of Google Documents

Write anywhere. That’s the promise of Google’s new service, Google Documents (or “Google Docs” for short). Born out of Google’s acquisition of the online word processor Writely, Google Docs is an amazing example of how the Web can transform our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine even 5 years ago. I mean, it’s a word processor – a full-featured, easy-to-use word processor – and it’s *online*, available from any computer with Internet access, any time you want. For free. [Continue reading]