Blog a Day: Alas, a Blog

Alas, a Blog

What am I gonna say about Alas? It’s one of the big fish, with a huge community of commenters and cross-linkers, hardly an unknown player. But such is the task I’ve appointed myself…

Alas, once the domain of the punctuationally-named Ampersand, has transmogrified into a full-on group blog. Although — as expected from a group of posters with different interests and specialties — subjects cover range pretty widely, I go there for the commentary of gender, sexuality, and feminism, which is, regardless of who’s posting, uniformly excellent. Even when I disagree, I’m generally impressed with the thoughtfulness of the posts, and have more than once seen incredible exchanges unfold in the comments threads, which can often top 100 or even 200 posts.

Plus, the drawings are really cool.

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