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What’s a blivet, you ask? According to the site’s author, a blivet is 10 pounds of crap in a 5-lb bag — a pretty messy problem! In this particular case, though, blivet is the weblog of a Vegas-based archaeologist, buddhist, and co-procrastinator of blog entries. Although blog entries are light, when he finds the time, he says some pretty interesting stuff. Like this post from February, describing his take on the reaction to Mel Gibson’s S&M party, The Passion of the Christ:

Judging by the way reactions are to this movie, from yea to nay, it would seem that the rejection of the post-enlightenment world is alive and well in the popular culture of the West. All observations elsewhere of Mr. Gibson (and his father’s) politics and faith aside, this work would seem to be the very call for a return to the world of divisive theology. To only lightly reference the central teachings of Christianity such as the Sermon on the Mount while focusing on the final part of the Passion is to advocate a return to that ‘good old-time’ Medieval faith and a summary rejection of the central teachings that lead to the faith today.

Hopefully he’ll find more time to blog in the future, if the freaking heat out here doesn’t kill him. People do archaeology in this weather?

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  • Anonymous

    OneMan — thanks for the mention! Yes, we do archaeology in the Mojave heat, because we’re obviously insane. You are quite correct, blog entries are pretty light these days with an almost three year-old and I o longer need to avoid writing my thesis. If you have any interest, you might check out ‘I came, I saw, I defended’$882 or ‘I had this dream last night…’$646 which are two of the better entries.

    But then, they’re both over three years old. That is when things were a lot more active here..



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