New Review of “Don’t Be Stupid”

Alexandra Levit has given my e-book for college students, Don’t Be Stupid a 5-star review in her column at Get the Job. Levit is the author of several career guides, including Success for Hire, They Don’t Teach Corporate in College, and How’d You Score that Gig?. Her blog Water Cooler Wisdom offers all sorts of great career information. It’s truly an honor to have been rated so highly by such a formidable figure!

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Dustin…
    You are
    Hi Dustin…

    You are probably solicited all the time, but I’m ok with hearing no, so I’ll ask away.

    I’ve just ordered the physical book from amazon for my own use with students, but was wondering if you’d ever consider a (tax deductible) donation of books to a place that can really use them.

    I work with the Academic Support Center at Eastern Washington University. We work specifically with first generation, low income, and disabled college students with the end goal of helping them earn their undergraduate degree. We are also successful – on a six year average, the students we work with graduate at about a 12% higher rate than the average student population. We are also on a shoestring budget. Folks hear of grant projects and think big money, but we spend as much as possible on our students, which leaves little to salaries and resources.

    If you’d consider donating your text, in any format, we’d be grateful. If not, I completely understand and respect your decision. Either way, I appreciate your writing and thought I’d ask.

    I look forward to hearing from you and reading your book!



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