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I put two posts up at this week; there’s a third in the pipe which I assume will be posted tomorrow. The goal is to post three times a week, but we’re having some small difficulties coordinating that since the editor, Leon, lives in Australia which is actually in the future, while I can only post in the present. Damn International Date Line!

The posts this week were:

I’m pretty happy with the positive response both have gotten — lots of comments, trackbacks, and diggs which tells me that what I’m writing is reaching people. Coming up, a follow-up to the Google Reader article, a piece on writing research papers, another on note-taking, and a few other things I’m still working out.

Stay tuned…

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  • Anonymous

    WE’RE in the present. You’re
    WE’RE in the present. You’re in the PAST! Two against one over at LH buddy.

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